Barratt Developments PLC

Industry: Consumer Discretionary

Sector: Household goods and home construction

Barratt Developments is the U.K.'s largest residential property developer by revenue and dwelling completions, marketing homes under its three brands Barratt Homes, David Wilson Homes, and Barratt London. Aligning with the typical businessmodel employed by U.K. homebuilders, Barratt is vertically integrated through the land development, construction, and sales and marketing segments of the residential property development value chain.

Barratt Developments Dividends Overview

Dividend Date: 18 May 2023 (Thu)
Ex-Dividend Date: 6 Apr 2023 (Thu)
Last Announced/Paid Dividend: 10.2p
Dividends paid this Year: 0p
Dividend Yield: 7.90%
P/E Ratio: 8.57