Xp Power Limited

Industry: Industrials

Sector: Electronic and electrical equipment

XP Power Ltd is a developer and manufacturer of critical power control components. The company provides power solutions, including alternating current (AC)-direct current (DC) power supplies, and DC-DC converters. Its products serve markets in multiple sectors and across three market regions: Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, Industrial Technology, and Healthcare. Its product categories include AC to DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, High voltage power supplies, Radio Frequency (RF) power systems, 3 Phase power supplies, and EMI Filters. The geographical segments of the company are North America, Europe, and Asia.

Xp Power Limited Details

Xp Power Dividends Overview

Dividend Date: 12 Oct 2023 (Thu)
Ex-Dividend Date: 7 Sep 2023 (Thu)
Last Announced/Paid Dividend: 0.0p
Dividends paid this Year: 0p
Dividend Yield: 4.08%
P/E Ratio: 19.53